If you type in ‘personal injury settlement’ into the search engine, you get a suggested topic of adding ‘calculator’ to the end. This leads many people to sites where they are told they can estimate the value of their personal injury claim by entering in some information and then using a “multiplier” to determine the value of the claim. 

For example, if you have $10,000.00 in medical bills and $3,000.00 in lost wages, then you can determine a multiplier such as 2.5 which will state that your settlement should be $32,5000.00. That begs the question, how is that multiplier determined? 

A common multiplier does not exist therefore you cannot get an accurate value from these types of “calculators”.  The value of your personal injury case is based upon several factors:

Liability/(Intentional, Negligent, Grossly Negligent, etc.)

Extent ofInjuries

Expense of Medical Treatment


Pockets of the Defendant (How much can they pay?)

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