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Sandy Springs Personal injury attorney

It is a sunny day with a temperature that is just perfect, 70 Degrees Fahrenheit and you are just itching to go outside. So, you decide to begin driving and roll your car windows down so you can enjoy the breeze that runs through your hair. As you continue to drive to an ice cream shop nearby, you carefully approach a stop sign just a few blocks away from the ice cream shop. As you slow down for the stop sign, the car behind you rams into you from behind. It happens so fast that you do not even realize what has happened. By the time you come back to your senses, you know that you have been an accident victim. What do you do now? You may ask yourself things like, do I need to go to the hospital? Do I need to go to urgent care near here? Do I call my own insurance company? Do I call the other side’s insurance company? What are my rights?

The short answer is that you should ALWAYS consult with a Personal Injury attorney! But how do I pick the right attorney for the job? To answer this question, we first have to know what personal injury is.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is an area of Tort law that divides into one of the following categories:

Automobile, Cycle, or Pedestrian Accidents

These accidents are the most common personal injury claim. These are injuries that result when an at-fault party crashes into someone else. These accidents occur when:

Slip or Trip and Fall Accidents

These cases typically fall into one of the following categories:

Home Accidents

These cases can occur at a person’s home, and they typically fall into one of the following categories:

Now that we understand what personal injury law is let’s answer how we can pick the right attorney for the job. After all, there are tons of billboards everywhere for different personal injury attorneys and law firms.

  1. How do I find the right attorney?
  2. Call us for a FREE consultation.

One of the best ways to know whether you can trust an attorney or a law firm is by calling us. We have free consultations, and we are always here to help. Find out whether one of the attorneys is available to speak with you. If the law firm insists that you talk with a non-attorney staff, that should be a red flag. At times, this would mean that if you have a legal question requiring input from the attorney assigned for your case, they will not be available.

  1. How do you feel?

When you get to talk to the attorney at the firm, take a look inside and see how that attorney has made you feel. Are you comfortable talking to them? Do they seem friendly? All this becomes crucial in your case.

  1. Ask questions about the process.

Ask the attorney how they will manage your case? Ask how long your case is going to take?

  1. Beware of GUARANTEES!

Law is full of uncertainties. There is not a day that goes by where I do not wish to have a magic ball that could predict the future. Alas! That does not exist yet. So, when an attorney tells you that they guarantee something, STAY AWAY! We can never guarantee the results. No matter how much we want to.

  1. Ask about their experience.

You should always ask about the attorney’s previous experiences handling similar cases. You want to make sure that the attorney is competent.

  1. READ!

Please read all the papers that the attorney sends you very carefully. These papers are critical that outline your rights in the happening of different events.

  1. Finally, trust your guts.

Trust your gut feeling about that attorney and make a decision as soon as possible. The sooner we get involved in your case, the better the outcome.

If you’ve been an accident in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area, please contact our Sandy Springs personal injury attorney at AJ Law Practice today to discuss your case.