“Pain and suffering” is a legal term that refers to the wide range of injuries that someone may suffer as the result of an accident.  While there is the obvious pain from physical injuries, an accident victim may also suffer from less visible emotional distress like persistent fear, anxiety or depression, inconvenience, and even loss of enjoyment of life after a traumatic injury.  

Since personal injury may take many forms, the more evidence you can gather to support your claim for pain and suffering damages, the better your chances of recovering a reasonable amount for your injuries.  The extent of your injuries and the related pain and suffering can be shown by various forms of documentation including:


~personal notes or journals describing the victim’s physical pain and emotional distress;

~statements from family members, friends, or employers/co-workers explaining how the accident and injury has negatively impacted the victim’s quality of life and work; and 

~medical records showing proof of treatment by a mental health professional (especially when the injury has caused increased fear, anxiety, insomnia, or depression).

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