When can I have a defamation case?

Some defamation lawsuits claim that the person’s good name and reputation has been “ruined.” This article will discuss how to know whether or not you have a defamation case against another.It is simple to get bogged down in the technicalities of defamation and its origins. But I will spare everyone those extensive details of getting […]

What you need to know about Georgia’s Lemon Law?

Why is the Lemon Law called a Lemon Law? One of the greatest assets an individual can make is when they are buying a house. Identically, purchasing a car is another. But what does it mean when your newly purchased vehicle is said to be a lemon? A Lemon is slang which means that a […]

What is a diminished value (DV) claim?

You are involved in a car wreck, and you are not at fault. Not only are you in pain, but your car has extensive damages. Hundreds of thoughts are going through your mind right now, one of which is knowing that this car wreck will significantly impact your car’s value. Below we will thoroughly discuss […]

Car Accident Injury

Alpharetta car accident lawyer

Alpharetta Personal injury Attorney, Alpharetta Car Accident Lawyer Fulton County is among the most populated counties in the state of Georgia. It is fascinating that it feels like there are more and more cars on the road every year. Fulton County, Georgia, has an estimated population of 1,038,884 residents. Unfortunately, as the roads become more […]

What should you do after a car crash?

Your first instinct after being involved in a car wreck may be that moving your car to the side or shoulder of the road may result in loss of evidence. Should the police officer assigned to investigate the scene not see how the car wreck has happened? Unfortunately, your instincts are very wrong. Take Pictures!  […]

Can I be sued for libel for something I said on social media?

Defamation cases involve two main types: libel and slander. Libel is a written defamation and slander is a verbal defamation of one’s character. When the defamatory statement is made online or through social media that involves the written (or “posted”) word, and would be considered libel. Keep in mind a defamatory statement is not simply […]

Should I take photos of my car after an accident?

Yes! A picture can tell a thousand words. Any photos showing damages to your car can be a precious tool in negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. These photos can also be invaluable to tell your story to the jury if your case goes to trial.  You may be able to use pictures of […]

How long will it take to get my settlement?

The resolution of your case is one of the first thoughts that come to mind after settling your injury case. However, the answer depends on several factors and can vary widely depending on the defendant’s insurance company. Some of the variables involved in the length of your settlement include: ~Terms of the defendant’s insurance policy […]

What happens in an accident where the driver did not carry insurance?

Every time you ride, you’re taking a risk. This is true no matter how safe and experienced you are. You’re at the mercy of other motorists, some of whom are inattentive, careless and completely oblivious to your presence. To make matters worse, many of them are driving without insurance. State laws require everybody to carry […]