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At AJ Law practice Every client Matters
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We specifically focus on Personal Injury cases. Why you may ask? Because insurance companies try to undermine the injured in order to save millions of dollars each year.
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Meet Our Attorney

Arash Jafary, Esq.

Arash Jafary is a licensed attorney in the state of Georgia where his main area of focus is Personal Injury law.
His interest in Personal Injury was triggered when he realized how insurance companies try to undermine the injured in order to save millions of dollars each year. Of course, before he began changing lives he was a structural engineer with mad calculator skills.

How Do You Choose A Good Personal Injury Attorney In Atlanta?

It seems like everywhere you look these days there’s an attorney who says they can handle your personal injury case. Choosing the right attorney is one of the most important tasks you will have, because it has a direct impact on your financial affairs and your health. Personal Injury law could be very complex and not knowing your rights or how to properly navigate the endless loops could have a great negative impact on your case. We truly listen and understand your pain before putting the pen on paper because we believe your case is unique.

Our Practice Areas

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Automobile Accidents

While we sincerely hope that no one is hurt in car wrecks, we witness them far too often. Unfortunately, we constantly see those who are injured in car wrecks undermine their case. This can happen when they think they are not hurt too bad or they are not experiencing severe pain. We will never prolong your medical treatments or your case to waste your time. We want to make sure you are getting the care and treatments you need and deserve while we deal with the at-fault party’s insurance

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Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

These accidents are usually very severe. Aggressive drivers try to pass or overtake bicycles not knowing that they are afforded the same rights as an automobile while they are on the roads. We cannot only help with your claim, but we can make sure that your medical bills are fully paid and you are paid justly for the amount of pain you had to endure.

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Dog Bite Claims

The majority of dog bite victims are female adults aged 19 and older. Unfortunately, dog bite victims too often need extensive medical care and sometimes even psychotherapy sessions for their trauma. In some cases victims of dog bites report being scared of every dog that walks past them. Dog bite victims have rights under the law and we can help you to hold the dog owner liable and help you to recover damages.

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Wrongful Death

This action imposes penalties on the person who causes the death of another by negligence. Furthermore, this action is reserved for the surviving spouse, surviving children, parents or personal representative of the person who was wrongfully killed.

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Premises Liability

Business and homeowners have a legal duty to keep their business and homes safe for those who are coming on their property. If the premises is not safe and individuals are injured when visiting them, the owners could be held liable for the visitor’s injuries.

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